Competencies for MakerSpaces, HackerSpaces & Fab Labs


I’m presently working on my Masters around around the area of Makers & MakerSpaces (including HackerSpaces, Fab Labs, etc).
My own competency around blockchain technologies is pretty superficial.

One area of need that I’ve identified is… translating(?) the ad-hoc skill-sharing that takes in such spaces - based on sharing- & reputational-economics - into something “marketable” and easier to adopt by the private sector, so that capital investment & support becomes easier to understand for prospective benefactors.

Another is around transferable skills between spaces/nodes: person learning a skill in once space - say, laser-cutting or 3D printing - facilitates access-control to similar equipment in another space.
Practical implementation may look like some sort of (NFC/RFID/BLE) tag/beacon with an identifying value, scanned, passing a signal (MQTT) to a resource management system (Fab-Manager, Home-Assistant?) that would enable the use of said device.

Is this something that would be a suitable application for this stack?

From what I can tell, this should be an intuitive use, but judging by the lack of adoption by the Fab Lab network (also an MIT thing), I’m unsure if there’s something I’ve not taken into account.

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Love the concept - is there anyway to stay in the know with how it progresses? Feel free to shoot me an email -