Blockcerts is dead

No community.

Learning Machine is a for-profit corp. that doesn’t really care about this.

Documentation is severely lacking, plus, what they offer is not really different than other alternatives.

So long for me :wave:t2:

Hi @almosnow,

Thanks for your message.

It’s a pretty bold statement for someone who joined this forum about 4 days ago and never involved themselves with the development or the feedback as to what is missing/lacking with Blockcerts.

It is also a pretty condescending statement when this open source project is basically maintained by 3 devs whose job does not only include Blockcerts as responsibilities.

Again, with this being open source and as with any open source project, the community is welcome to bring something to the table and not just complain about the lack of features. After all, we are offering this solution free for the world to use.

Documentation is scattered and we try our best to answer questions. But as someone who spends a good chunk of his life trying to improve the process, I can assure you that the best documentation is by digging into the code and understanding how it pieces together. If I had to have your attitude with all the third party libraries that are being implemented to make this project work, it indeed would be dead.

Blockcerts V3 is in the pipes, with Verifiable Credentials support as well as DID supports. We don’t claim to be better than others, but we are as passionate to deliver a standard as other companies in the field. We are doing our best to align Blockcerts with the SSI world, and still offer it as a free solution with a limited team behind it.

Anyway, it was a good ride with you and that only message (edit: sorry I saw you posted 3 messages) you posted will be fondly missed.


I am the CEO and Founder of a BaaS company - I find this open source platform empowering and very useful. Thank you…