Hyland acquisition of Learning Machine

First, my congrats to learning machine team for creating a business and educating institutions on blockcerts credentialing. Can some one from learning machine team comment on what impact this will have on blockcerts open source community and future roadmap?


We’re excited to be part of Hyland and the additional support/reach that brings. We are continuing to work on Blockcerts, with the most immediate goal of aligning with the W3C standard for Verifiable Credentials.

Chris Jagers
Learning Machine, Founder

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Excellent news, I am from the Hyland team based in Peru delighted to continue growing with blockchain technology.

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Hi @Chris_Jagers, have you got any time frame to reach this goal of aligning with the W3C standard?

Viky, work is well under way and the general time frame for completing these W3C alignment updates is this Summer.


I am from Hyland Support in the U.S. I look forward to working with you.


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