Can Blockcerts be used with R3 Corda?

I understand how the Blockcerts can be viewed as the most decentralized when using it with a public blockchain. However, for the project I am working on, there are multiple organizations that are working together and they have business reasons for creating their own network of blockchain using Corda.

The target result is like a school certificate system using blockcerts that are only public to the organizations within the private Corda blockchain network.

Does Blockcerts have the option of using a Corda private blockchain network instead of the ethereum or the bitcoin blockchain?

Not natively no, you will have to develop your own transaction handler for this blockchain.

I have not worked much on direct development of the issuer, so I am not sure what pieces are needed, but here is the entry point where the decision is made for which blockchain handler to use: cert-issuer/ at master · blockchain-certificates/cert-issuer · GitHub

With that you should be able to identify the flow.

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Got it, thanks a lot