Does Blockcerts Support Private Ethereum?

I understand that Blockcerts is designed for public Ethereum and the point is to have the certificates as decentralized as possible. But I have a case where there is a network of organizations that needs a certificate system that only is used within that network. The amount of organizations in the network is big enough to kind of become a small world of their own. As the price of transaction fee for a ethereum / bitcoin public blockchain can be kind of expensive these days, the organizations are considering using a private blockchain.

Does the current Blockcerts system work with a private ethereum blockchain?

If not, is there any suggestions for me on how to tweak the current Blockcerts system to work with a private ethereum blockchain?


I think it would be the same answer as to your previous question: Can Blockcerts be used with R3 Corda? - #2 by lemoustachiste

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Got it, thanks a lot