What is the best blockchain test network for blockcerts?

Hi, Please I would like to test blockcerts on a private blockchain network, what is the best choice for that.
I heard about multichain project, is it the best to setup a private bitcoin net.?

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You can use the blockchain/bitcoin testnet which some of the certificates in the repository have been already issued with. To get started, you can use the blocktrail api to create and query transactions https://www.blocktrail.com/api. All you need to do is sign up for an API key and change the network argument to indicate that you want to access the testnet.

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What about Bitcoin Simulator https://arthurgervais.github.io/Bitcoin-Simulator/use_it.html, it can be used with blockcerts?

No problem : )

All that the blockcerts standard requires is that an issuer can build a merkle tree of certificate hashes and then store it on a blockchain. The reference implementation provided by http://www.blockcerts.org/ does this by storing the hash as the OP_RETURN field in a bitcoin transaction (http://www.blockcerts.org/guide/batch-issuing.html). With this the verifier can simply lookup the transaction and then verify the certificate (http://www.blockcerts.org/guide/verification-process.html), therefore all you really need is blockchain/bitcoin network that you can read and write to. As stated on the simulator website ( https://arthurgervais.github.io/Bitcoin-Simulator/get_started.html ) β€œThe purpose of this project is to study how consensus parameteres, network characteristics and protocol modifications affect the scalability, security and efficiency of Proof of Work powered blockchains.”. It does not look like this project is designed for the simple usage of reading and writing transactions to a blockchain, therefore I think it would be overly complicating things to use this for blockcerts development.

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Thanks for the great answer.
Yes, OP_RETURN is sufficient, and all what I need is to create a TX with an OP_RETURN script.
Please, do you know a tool or a programming package that allow me to easly create my own customized transaction?
Actaully I opted to use regtest bitcoin blockchain in a container, to simulate multinode.
What do you think?

Personally, so far I have only used the blockchain.info and blocktrail.com APIs for interactions with blockchains. I currently do not know of any tools for running a simulated blockchain network but am sure that something exist for that. From my perspective, the advantage of having a simulated blockchain network for development is that it would decrease the time it would take to register transactions.

If you can figure something out please let us know and I will do the same if I come across something.



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I want to use Multichain as a private blockchain, so what is the steps to follow to integrate blockcert with multichain ?

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