Blockcerts on hyperledger fabric


Hi, can we implement blockcerts on IBM’s hyperledger fabric blockchain ?
As the documentation says that it is blockchain agnostic.


This would indeed be possible. However, Hyperledger does not have common public networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum do.
Therefore issuing to hyperledger has the disadvantage of not knowing whether the chain will last, Bitcoin and Ethereum both have incentives to keep the chain alive for a long time coming.


I was going to ask the same question - but am now struggling to identify what would be gained. If you swapped BTC for hyperledger, what value would BlockCerts be providing? The credential enrollment/crediting?

Would there be a difference from putting together badgr and hyperledger at that point?

Trying to get a better sense of the BlockCerts architecture - thanks!

Great question @aadesh !


Keeping the chain alive for as long as there is a cryptocurrency attached to those networks otherwise there is no network because nobody is mining because of blockcerts but simply thanks to the cryptocurrency. also, this is IMHO, a deficiency in the sustainability of bockcerts because the actual strategic value of the asset (the certificates and the transactions over these) is controlled by a third party that has no incentives at all in keeping blockcerts alive. am I wrong?



If digital credentials like these are to ever be useful it’s because they have an installed user base of the current K-20 system - which is as good of a bed-rock as bitcoin, in my opinion. Public schools may be in flux, but the K-20 system itself isn’t in danger of going away completely. If they’re maintaining a ‘private ledger’ it’s the benefits of a blockchain.

And in an essence, it could function as a transferring service between chains - allow ‘imports and exports’, using BlockCerts, from bitcoin to private ledgers that’ll inevitably exist.


Sorry but still I dont quite get it. first what is the rational for digital certs to be decentralized? if built upon decentralized ledgers then I presume there is a reason for blockcerts to be built upon a decentralized ledger platform. if this is the way forward one would expect the network to build its own infrastructure, right? if not, then perhaps there is no need for a decentralized solution here, right?

second, to what exempt does blockcerts depend on bitcoin? what if bitcoin does not allow apps like blockcerts to use their infrastructure -pretty convoluted already.

the user base for digital certs in public ledgers like bitcoin or ethereum is not due to the actual number of people/organizations using the ledger but it is due to the borrowed infrastructure (including the user base) that is supporting the digital certs -bitcoin in this case. Right? there is no reason why a platform like hyperledger has to be a private network -private vs public is not related to weather it is bitcoin vs hyperledger and the like.

Again sorry if I am just misunderstanding the tech.




It sounds like there are a few different questions you are raising:

  1. The rationalization for certs to be decentralized is durability and convenience. We see disasters (natural, political, technical) wipe out centralized institutions every year. A decentralized infrastructure can better withstand disaster and provide a more efficient verification mechanism to function across the world. Plus, there are technical security advantages over traditional PKI techniques.

  2. Blockcerts is a standard for writing to any blockchain, not just Bitcoin, and not necessarily just public chains. The traits of different blockchains give them different pros/cons for implementation. Opinions about which blockchain is most appropriate will vary, so best to get specific in these conversations.

  3. Being characterized as public or private has to do with openness of code and governance. So in that sense, yes, a hyperledger implementation could become a public chain.

I hope this helps!