AI Assistance for University Deployment?

I’m looking into putting together a Blockcerts project for a University diploma program. I learned about python years ago and have looked at the Blockcerts github, tools, and other resources at a very high level. With all the recent progress in AI coding assistance, I’ve been wondering if anyone might be able to share some insights on how these new tools might be usable (or not) with the current Blockcerts deployment workflow. Has anyone played with these new tools in deploying a project from start to finish or used it to fine tune anything? Any tips or pointers? Should I just suck it up and forget about trying to use AI to compensate for my rusty python?

Finally, I just wanted to say that I love the idea of this open standard and wish the team and project all the best. Making the tech as accessible and transparent as possible is the real key in web3 adoption so thanks all. :slight_smile: