Core Blockcerts Evolution

Since its inception, the core Blockcerts contributors (of @kim and myself) have been working behind the scenes to improve the schemas, standards, and tools to make digital verifiable credentials a reality. This forum has been an excellent meeting grounds for getting folks familiar with the tools, answering support questions, and fielding new and exciting ideas on where we can take this technology. We’re simply ecstatic with how much the community has engaged with this project.

Now, we’d like to make it even easier for folks to observe & contribute to the ongoing changes to the Blockcerts tools, while we’re building them.

You can now view our kanban-style process of prioritizing, building, and testing new features and improvements directly in GitHub. This is the process @kim and I have been using internally for the last few months, and we really like it. Folks can easily see what we’re currently working on, what we’ve finished recently, and most importantly, what’s the highest priority tasks that we’ll be working on next.

Want to contribute, but don’t know how? We’ve now labeled a handful of starter tasks across all of our repos. These issues should be relatively easy to solve, and should get you more comfortable with each repository’s codebase.

Hope you find these new resources helpful!


Hey folks!

It’s come to my attention that org-level Github Projects can only be viewed by the people in the org. :frowning:

I’m looking at other technical solutions to make our evolution process as public as possible. I’ll update here once I figure something out.