Trouble using cert-verifier-js lib in React Native project

Hi, I’m pretty new to Blockcert and I want to ask if this library can be used in a React Native project.
I installed it using: npm i cert-verifier-js and in my code:
import { Certificate, CertificateVerifier } from ‘cert-verifier-js’ but got error: Unable to resolve module ./promisifiedRequests.

You might want to check out React.js component to display and verify a BlockCerts certificate

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It’s not so easy to use a classic (web) Node.js module in React Native, in general there is a React-native version. Even for Node.Js core modules, like Crypto, you have

Android & IOS apps are not built with React-native so I don’t think anyone has tried to adapt cert-verifier-lib for native. That is, until you do :wink:

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I’ll give it a try, thank you all :slight_smile:

Ever get anywhere with this for react native?