How to use blockcert project (Step by step)

Hi everyone. I’m Phát. i’m from Viet Nam
I have read through the topic about blockcert and projects, specifically on github as follows link :
But I still don’t understand how to deploy the demo on the device. Can any one show me how to use it. Sincerely thank you!
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Hi there!
I’ve been exploring the same thing a while now and was able to come up with a development guide.
NOTE: I haven’t tested it myself yet, so not sure about it!
You need to:
-creating cert template - /blockchain-certificates/cert-tools
-issuing cert on the blockchain - /blockchain-certificates/cert-issuer
-verifying cert - /blockchain-certificates/cert-verifier-js
(All the above links are for their GitHub repositories)
All of these are JS libraries.

I would appreciate if someone were to suggest changes in this.