Translating wallet apps in French


I am currently exploring how the user experience is like for Blockcerts recipients. I am working with French students and I would like to provide them a French version of both the iOS and android wallets. I am ready to do the translation. I have seen this thread: Italian version of wallet apps but apps don’t appear in Italian on the stores.

I understand you are welcoming open source contributions and I’d like to participate.

  • Can I just fork the repos on github, perform the proper translations, and submit a pull request?
  • When we agree that the translations are fine, how long does it take for the modifications to be pushed to the Apple app store and Google play store?
  • Can we provide a dictionary with French words to generate the seed?

Thank you very much,
Looking forward to contributing,

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The Italian translations are still underway. Android is done but having build/test problems, iOS hasn’t gotten started yet but I believe a community member is looking into it.

  1. Yes, you can fork and then PR.
  2. Once it’s fully merged into master on both iOS and Android, I would estimate on a few weeks to a month or so. Hopefully sooner but can make no promises.
  3. Officially, there are only a few languages with BIP39 support, French and Italian being included. Things would need to be refactored to support other languages and then need to be very thoroughly tested.

Thank you for your quick answer, I’m on it!