Blockcert language translation - Portuguese

Is the Blockcert app available in Portuguese? If not, is this something we can contribute translating it? Is there any translation tool or content available in an easy format so we could work on it?

Hi @brener

The apps (Android & iOS) are currently not translated in Portuguese, but we are definitely welcoming contributions to include more languages!
I’m not aware of any translation tools that are being used specifically, but I can give you some info.
To fully support a new language, translations need to be added in different repos:

iOS app

I personally haven’t worked on translation for this one, but I found some merged PRs that can show you where to add translations files (and their formats):

You’ll notice that two HTML files need to be translated and uploaded on the blockcerts server. This is something I can take care of:{LANG}/about-passphrase (EN version:{LANG}/mobile-privacy (EN version:

Android app

Same as for iOS:


We use JSON for translations. You can take a look at the json file:
We plan to eventually create a separated JSON translation file per language (Github ticket). If you’re interested to contribute on this specific task, we are also welcoming any help from the community!

Let me know if you have more questions, I’m happy to help.
Thank you for your interest in Blockcerts!


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