Blockcert Language Port


I know that Blockcert is still in the early stage of development and the current language of choice is Python. Is there any plan to port it to another language?

Hi Tasya,
Actually, for verification code I prefer moving towards javascsript (e.g. cert-verifier-js project). This is primarily because of the flexibility – enabling client-side verification (through browserify) as well as use of the npm package.

On the issuer side, there are no current plans to port cert-issuer to different languages, but that would be a welcome contribution if someone wanted. However, when adding support for different blockchains, new languages may make more sense, based on library availability, contract language, etc.

I’m curious if you have any preferences (whether for the current issuer or other projects).


p.s. thanks again for the cert-verifier-js expiration fix!

Hi Kim!

For the verification I agree that moving to javascript is great as this removes the back-end system from the equation. Back-end would still certainly be needed for viewing certificates and in this case I was thinking of porting the cert-core and cert-store to Ruby because it happens to be one of the popular language to make web applications with (at least here at home).

Currently I am thinking on how to best do the whole process and packaging it in an end-to-end application of some sort. I myself am still unclear on my preferences on the issuer side of things but maybe I’ll have a better idea when I’ve figured out how I want to package the application.


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