Sample Certificate in Android Mobile Wallet [Solved]

Hello all,

I had my Android Mobile Wallet application running using the android studio. Once the application is started, It asks for Issuer Url and i dont want to issue certificates in the testnet as it takes a lot of time for me to sync. Is it possible to use the private blockchain (either bitcoin/ethereum) for issuing and viewing in Mobile wallet. Also, if i cannot do that, can i at least have a test Issuer URL, so that i can view a certificate using mobile. My end goal is to view a digital certificate in the Mobile wallet application locally (i.e.) in my workstation using android studio emulator and without connecting to internet.

Thanks in advance,
Gowtham R


I tried running the tests with wiremock through the file, the build fails. Also, i tried running, which again failed. Is there something i can change in the code for me to view a certificate in the mobile wallet without connecting to testnet ?

Thanks again,
Gowtham R