Mobile Wallet - Android

How to add issuer and certificate on mobile wallet?

To add issuer it ask for URL and one time code. From where we can generate this one time code and which URL should be used here?

I remember that few days back I managed to add issuer by specifying the issuer json URL and any code for for one time code but apparently the behavior is changes.

Which blockcert apps/modules are responsible for this data?


Just notices that when I added the certificate.json URL, the issuer get added automatically but the certificate is giving error “Computed hash does not match expected hash…”

Certificate is verifiable using

Also I noticed that it is mandatory to fill recipient wallet address in the mobile app. Certificate with the missing wallet address are giving error on mobile app.

Do we have more restricted checks in the mobile app? As certificate being verified from one tool and getting failed in other my create confusion about the authenticity of the certificates.



This is what I’m interested in.
Please notice me how to add an issuer and what json is acceptable for the app.


I noticed that plain json are acceptable for mobile however json with additional attributes are not working on mobile.

Above is only observation by testing multiple json files with the application.