Add Issuer Failed

Hello Support team,

With reference to @Kim reply (Importing Certificates to the iOS Wallet), trying to add issuer ( in my iOS wallet. App throws an alert saying “Add Issuer Failed” with message as below:
There was an error adding this issuer. This can happen when a single-use invitation link is clicked more than once. Please check with the issuer and request a new invitation, if necessary.

Could you please help me/us to add an issuer to my wallet. I mean, the step by step. I have an issuer too.

I don’t believe this issuer was meant to be imported/added to the mobile app. The introduction url in the issuer-testnet.json file is not a valid one (

You’d need a valid URL hosted in the introduction URL of your issuer.json file, one that will accept the request with the specified nonce, and hooked up to a DB somewhere to save off the request and recipient’s bitcoin address.

I believe what the request looks like is {issuerIntroductionUrl}/?bitcoinAddress={userBitcoinAddress}&nonce={nonce}


Thanks for your reply.

I am able to add Issuer and Certificates in mobile app. But when I try to verify, I do get Could not get issuer profile but when I try the same certificate through web application, its getting passed.

Any idea?

Hi, I got solutions for my problem. Thanks for support

Hi @sunder,
Where did ou finally find the solution for your problem. I actually have the same problem and I cannot find the solution.

Thank You.