Add issuer in the mobile app


I am trying to add a new issuer in the mobile application and I do not know what to add in the field “Add your one-time code”.

I have read several previous posts but it is not clear to me.

I’m working on the ethereum (ropsten) test network.

I attach the issuer.json file:

Thank you

Hey @jdelprado, sorry for the late response. I wanted to look into this more myself before giving an answer.

This link describes the process a little bit more so you can get an idea of how this one-time code is used. Essentially this process is important for recipients to communicate their public bitcoin address to the issuer, in order for the issuer to store their address and create certificates with it.

Also, at this time, I think more work has to be done for the mobile apps in order to accept ethereum certificates, although this is something I haven’t tested myself.

Hi @aronning do we have ethereum support now for the Blockcerts android app. Can it share etherium based public address while registering issuer?