Issueing and holding ethereum based certificate Needs clear documentation

Hi there,
Can the existing repository is working with verifying and holding ethereum based certificate?

So like said in different subjects the wallets are capable of holding and verifying Ethereum anchored certs.

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the andorid app says “Transaction occured at a time when issuer address was not valid”. The same issue was at blockcert-verifier npm project and it was resolved by using APIKEY.

Is there a way we can specify the same key in andorid build?

To do this you will have to build your own wallet with a variation,

I am not an expert on the wallet, but I believe this is where you’d want to inject your APIKEYs: wallet-android/verify.html at b225260adb18ce204c75b35e61651cb7ba5b9abe · blockchain-certificates/wallet-android · GitHub

Also, the latest version of cert-verifier-js yields a more helpful error than the one you are getting. It’s not up to date in the published wallet.

Here are the cases that could generate the error you are seeing, so you may want to inspect this data too: cert-verifier-js/ensureValidIssuingKey.ts at master · blockchain-certificates/cert-verifier-js · GitHub

Thanks i will check this out.

we have plans to make the verifier a callable endpoint, where you could provide your api keys as part of the payload, but there is no clear timeline as to when this would happen yet.
Nonetheless I don’t see an easy way to provide custom keys from the wallet, unless we thought of an intricate way of fetching those keys from an issuer profile maybe. But that enters a philosophical issue where the issuer now becomes responsible not only for the cost, but for providing those keys to their recipients. I don’t know if that’s acceptable from their perspective.