Merkletools dependences pysha3


Hi there!

I’m trying to install cert-issuer, but when I run “python install”, I get the following error:

Processing dependencies for cert-issuer==2.0.11
error: pysha3 1.0.2 is installed but pysha3==1.0b1 is required by {‘merkletools’}

I’m running on a Windows, virtualenv enabled for python 3.6.3. This question is the same that appeared in a different thread (No module named ‘cert_issuer’), but it looks like remain unanswered. Could somebody please give me a hint about how to solve it?




Ok, solved by now in *WINDOWS". I don’t know whether it is the best way or not, but that’s how I went over it:

  • Good to know, the issue is about two conflicting libraries in the project. Merkletools requires “exactly” pysha3 1.01b, while cert-tools require pysha3 1.0.2 or greater
  • I used “pip install cert-issuer” instead “python install”
  • I tried the force-brute approach: I went to C:\Users"user"\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\Lib\site-packages\merkletools-1.0.2-py3.6.egg\EGG-INFO, and open “requires.txt” with a text editor (wordpad will do). Change the contents inside to pysha3==1.0.2 (maybe >= would be better)

That’s all. Sure, there should be better ways to solve the problem…