Cert-issuer: Ethereum configuration


I need some help to answer some questions I have about how cert-issuer should be installed with the ethereum configuration.

  1. I have noticed that there is a pip wheel to install cert-issuer, so my question is, does this wheel is adequate to use for issuing certificates with ethereum or should I use the setup.py installation instead?

  2. If the answer for the first question is that I should use the setup.py installation, then I would like to know if this errors in these dependencies need to be solved mannually or if it is an expected message?

This errors are shown when using the setup.py approach and cert-issuer 3.5.0 version with Python 3.10.13.

Thank you.

It looks like we may just need to update some of the dependencies. I’ll try to take a look at this as time permits, thanks for your patience.

Thank you for your response,

I understand so, for the time being, is there any alternative solution to this problem or cert-issuer should work with Ethereum regardless of these dependency conflicts?


maybe try and install fixed versions of the packages? It was working a few weeks ago

@SinuheCortes I did finally have time to take a look at this issue but couldn’t find anything really blocking.

I will be removing eth-utils as it does not seem to be consumed at all (maybe it was there to patch an issue in web3?).

But did you experience the error again?

What I did was clone the repo into a separate directory to avoid any sort of pollution from my current work directory.

I also installed pipenv and then used that to install into a virtual env, so at this point and unless proven otherwise it looks like I have the freshest cleanest install possible.

I was not able to replicate the issue, and didn’t get any warning with web3 deps.

Could it be that you are:

  • not using a virtual env?
  • use conflicting deps for another project with your python version?
  • was just a bad timing issue where it tried to install a dependency with a dependency tree not up to date?
  • all of the above?