MerkleProof2017 Ethereum Testnet not properly identified

In the Merkle Proof 2017 schema definition, the chain string can be one of the values defined here:

The question is, what chain does ethereumTestnet refers to?

There are multiple Ethereum testnets like Ropsten (already has a chain value called ethereumRopsten), Rinkeby, Goerli…

PD1: The reference verification library does not use this chain value in their blockchains.js definitions

PD2: Ask it here because the repository in GitHub has no issues section.


Thanks @davidlj_btca, I think you’re right, there’s not really an ethereum testnet, there’s specific testnet implementations such as Ropsten which, like you said, is already identified.

I guess we should just remove it from that spec then?

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Perfect, created a PR in the spec then