McKinsey Roundup of Civic Examples

McKinsey & Company just posted a comprehensive article highlighting the how blockchain-based records show promise in areas of government: Using blockchain to improve data management in the public sector.
They focus primarily on the types of automations and efficiencies that might be possible after records have been secured on the blockchain. Ultimately they encourage governments to begin small pilots to explore the benefits.

Here is a brief roundup of pilots they mentioned are currently underway:


The electronic health records of all Estonian citizens are managed using KSI technology, and the country is planning to make KSI available to all government agencies and private-sector companies in the country.


The country’s land-registry authority, Lantmäteriet, is exploring ways to digitize the process. It is prototyping a mobile app that would provide transaction space for sellers and buyers as well as their real-estate agents and banks. A blockchain would record detailed information on the properties being sold as well as each step in the sales transaction.

US State of Delaware

…early stages of creating incorporation services based on blockchain records and smart contracts, rather than paper-based exchanges.

McKinsey should have also included the Maltese Ministry of Education and Employment using the blockchain to issue official records across a variety of education providers and government training programs. Learning Machine is helping them deploy using the Blockcerts standard.