Blockchain based academic certificates

Blockchain based academic certificates

I am looking for research on blockchain implementations within a university’s registrar’s office. Have you done any research you might share on using blockchain on securing student academic records, (transcripts, etc.)? In your research have you come across other research using blockchain to secure student records that you would consider sharing?
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In addition to the experiments of the Media Lab in 2016, the MIT Registrar’s office was the first in the world to issue recipient-owned diplomas anchored to the blockchain. You can read a little on their page here:

We are working with a deep pipeline of school systems around the world to establish similar issuing infrastructures for those Registrar offices. Press releases and blog posts will be added to this forum as those announcements become public.


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Thanks for your post. I was just posting the same question of mscott before reading your reply. I hope to find useful use cases or material to read similar to MIT pilot.

Dr. Rami

I’m wondering if there are any other academic uses for this technology–for example, why aren’t they connecting Creative Commons licenses to blockchain to protect open-source and open-access academic work?

Following MIT, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) has also adopted the blockchain solution developed by Learning Machine and successfully issued the digital certificates to the deep dive code camp students. CNM is planning to issue digital diplomas to over 10,000 graduates this summer.

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