Bahamas and Blockcerts

Another nice use of Blockcerts at the government level.

"The Bahamas has become the first country in the Caribbean and Latin American region to implement a national credentialing system using blockchain technology.

The government successfully completed a pilot project, Bahamas Blockcerts, which will improve the national system of creating, issuing, viewing and verifying national education qualifications of various types. This could ultimately include training certificates, academic diplomas and degrees, business licenses and tax compliance certificates, and other credentials."

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Followup article by Fernando Pavlon at the Inter-American Development Bank … with visuals!

Making it easier to get jobs and start a business

In July of 2018, the Ministry of Labour in The Bahamas issued an exciting announcement: The first ever group of students in the Latin America-Caribbean region received their graduation certificates on the blockchain . The lucky graduating class was the first cohort to pass through the National Training Agency’s (NTA) Workforce Preparedness Programme, which aims to get young people ready for participation in the 21st-century workforce.

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