Homeschool High School Transcripts

I am a cryptocurrency investor and visionary but I am not a tech inclined person!

My 15 year old son is completing his freshman year at a boarding school. However, next year, he will do his own thing- take some online classes, college classes, follow his own passions, etc.

I want to create a transcript of everything he does for high school and also support other homeschoolers to do so through the umbrella school I am creating which supports intrinsically motivated learning and following ones own path.

I don’t know where to begin! Help!

Hey, I am a high school teacher looking to set up something similar. I would also be interested as this is not simply a homeschool problem, but a major problem with counseling, as they have transfer students, new students, and even students from the same school but can’t verify the data.

High School transcripts are a great use-case since they are so heavily used for moving between schools. And Blockcerts are capable of issuing complex, multi-page course loads. Here is an example from my own company, Learning Machine.

However, at this point in time, I’m not aware of a convenient (product-like) resource for non-technical individuals to create and issue Blockcerts in low volume. The open-source project here is intended for developers. And Issuing products, such as Learning Machine, are geared for larger organizations that operate at scale. I hope that in the near future we see streamlined product options geared for individuals like yourself.

@Chris_Jagers I am also contracted to resell the learning machine software this past spring because of my interest in this. I have been super busy with other things and have not had the chance to pursue anything but now a new school year begins and I am glad to reminded of this again. I was brainstorming with Natalie how I could create this with the LM software on behalf of homeschoolers.

@Asuarez7 are you interesting in presenting the Learning Machine software to your high school? There is already at least one public high school on board. I would love to connect and would love your help introducing this to your high school if you are interested.

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Yes I am very much interested to introduce this to my school and/or Academy. I’m just introducing this to classes in my finance courses but I believe that it would streamline major headaches for both teachers and counselors. Please let’s get in touch ASAP

@Asuarez7 Awesome!

Email me at Let’s set up a phone appointment.