Food Safety Certificate

Dear all,
I’m new to Blockcerts and I’m in the middle of researching different options to implement a digital certificate for Food Safety. So far I understand that Blockcerts

is ideal for academic or any other constitutional certification program. When up to the verify process, it will involve the cryptocurrency either Bitcoin or Ethereum in case of Blockcerts.

However, my question is: Will Blockcerts solution an “overkill” to issue a certificate via Blockcerts for each of the Food Product? ie: is it too much use Blockcerts to issue per product?
Can anyone suggest how Blockcerts can be applied?

Thank you in advance if anyone can give me some insight of applying Blockcerts.

Aside, I saw there is another out there and I believe that they have no connections with Blockcerts we are discussing here.

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Putting food items on the blockchain seems completely reasonable to me. Take a look at and for more educational detail

The ed ex course uses an ocean to table scenario to assure sustainable fishing of Tuna which is a good example of the scenario you’ve raised.