During an hackathon in Italy two team showcase are about education certification on Bitcoin blockchain

Hi there, this is my first post, I’m Alessandro from Italy.

Past Saturday in Milan there was an hackathon: “Bitcoin - building layer2 applications that matter”[0].

The hackathon was organized from two startups specialized in trasparency, notarization, smart contracts and Bitcoin blockchain:

blockchainlab.it was the venue of the hackathon.

The two team that I mention in the topic title are: BLAST and Growing a bit

BLAST propose “Blockchain Assisted Transparency” - GitHub[1]

You can find their pitch on YouTube at 30m and 18s of the stream.

One of the member of BLAST is Alessandro Gattolin[2], they win the hackathon, congrats!

Growing a bit propose “High school grades timestamping & scholarships smart contract” - GitHub[3] & Slides[4]

This project background start with a Medium story[5].

During the hackathon I propose a mashup of TXs OP_RETURN, IPFS, Blockcerts and Open Badges.

You can find my pitch on YouTube at 45m and 21s of the stream.

In Florence I’m in contact with two high schools that want to start testing Growing a bit, we plan to start the pilot fall this year on two classroom, ~30 students between 15-17 years old.

That’s it!

Sorry but the YouTube stream actually don’t have english subtitles, we will update it soon.

Thank you for your time, I update the topic with news when I have it :slight_smile:


[0] eventbrite.com/e/bitcoin-building-layer2-applications-that-matter-tickets-33392316317
[1] github.com/daniele-moro/BLAST
[2] twitter.com/alegatto93
[3] github.com/alessandro-aglietti/bitcoin-hackathon-may-2017-blockchainlab
[4] docs.google.com/presentation/d/1K4PeBZn4Qaq9dkZGS6f0cjRcz14xeW9XyZJ3145qFSQ/edit
[5] tail.aqquadro.it/proof-of-knowledge-efc138f2a17c

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Great work everyone, thanks for all the links! I would be curious to hear where Blockcerts was helpful and where you hit limitations or needed to fill in gaps? Do you have suggestions for future improvement/expansion? Did you create something new that you believe should be adopted into Blockcerts? Ciao!

Hi @aqquadro, I would love if you have a translation or subtitle ready. Please share!

We have not yet subtitled but… we have been selected as speakers during the Open Recognition Day in Bologna!

Take a look!

More updates coming!

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