Design Challenge Winner - Blockcerts solution

A recent design challenge (hackathon) was held in Vancouver Canada, and the winning solution was a Blockcerts based solution by @noah Bouma. The blog entry is here

Final report is here:

Deck is here

Demonstration video is here

You can see Noah’s website here

Here is the solution abstract
The proposed solution architecture for the BC Land Title Survey Authority (LTSA) e-State of Title Certificate (eSTC) is a decentralized electronic certificate issuance, registration, presentation, and verification scheme using verifiable claims model and the blockchain as a registry. The architecture allows for independent apps for electronic State of Title certificate: issuance/registration (LTSA app), storage/presentation(customer app), and verification (third party verification app). A prototype of the customer app has been developed (Android) using the BlockCerts standard. The app proves out the functionality and viability of the primary components of the solution architecture and demonstrates usability and convenience. The architecture has also been designed using standards to fit into a larger ecosystem of digital identity, while ensuring privacy and security. Finally, the implementation uses open source and standards, which enables LTSA to explore numerous opportunities to enhance its existing services, or consider alternative and innovative approaches.

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Congratulations on this well deserved win @noah! This is an excellent use case for the Blockcerts standard!