Credentials not re-importing automatically

I was sent an e-mail by an issuer and added it succesfully to my blockcerts wallet. Some time later I got a new phone, downloaded the Blockcerts App and entered the passphrase I got initially (on the first phone). However, after I did this, the issuer I added previously is not displayed in my wallet and I can not use the link sent by my issuer again as it was a one time use link. Is there any way I can fix this problem?


Assuming you already received a credential from the issuer, I believe you can simply import the original credential and it will automatically add the issuer, since that information exists within the json file. The main reason for originally adding an issuer is so they can get your public key and embed it in your credential.

If you updated phone in between adding an issuer and receiving your credential, and have restarted the app with your passphrase, the issuer may not show up until you receive your credential, but it should still work.



That seemed to be the problem, I added an issuer and I’m still waiting for it to issue a credential, but since the issuer didn´t appear in the app in the new phone I thought that could be an issue. I’ll wait for them to issue the credential and then see if I still have any trouble. Thanks for the info.