Best way to import cert from email attachment

If there is a public link to a Blockcert, then opening the following url on a phone with a Blockcerts Wallet will import the cert from the link:{urlFortheCert}

So we can send an email containing that link to the recipient, and if they click the link, their Blockcert is directly imported into their Wallet.

However, what’s the best way to import a Blockcert into the Wallet when the Blockcert is sent as an email attachment, and the cert isn’t hosted publicly?


The Wallet has the ability to import a file that resides on the phone. Does this address the problem?

I was hoping there might be a way to automagically import the credential directly into the wallet without having to first save the attachment in the email to the phone (which is I’m assuming what has to first be done).

I didn’t really think so, but didn’t want to immediately assume so without checking.

btw, are there any other links besides these two:{introURL}/{nonce}{certURL

that will trigger actions in the Wallet?

Thanks once again for all the great feedback here in the forum.


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Hi, are you able to find a solution to this?

As Chris suggested, the file has to be saved somewhere on the phone, then imported.

We found with a test run of about thirty students that most of the students had no trouble doing this. Enough, though, that for our next test run we created a (password protected) link to the certificate, which could then be used with the blockcerts import-certificate url:{urlFortheCert}

to automatically import the certificate into the blockcerts wallet when the link is clicked.

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