Cert-viewer | Install: Setup your conf.ini file


I follow these instructions: [http://certificates.media.mit.edu/] in order to start my corresponding project but trying to “Install and run” as described her [https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-viewer/blob/master/README.md?utf8=✓#L233] ,I have a problem with step3 “Setup your conf.ini file (see ‘Configuration’)”.

After the 1st step ,I did not have the specific file “conf.ini” but the files “conf_local.ini” and “conf_template.ini”. Any suggestion how to do the 3rd step?Also,how can you set up a “conf.ini” file?

I look forward to hearing from you a reply.Thank you in advance.

Hi ktsak,

I am starting to mess around a bit too.

I did not make any changes in step 3, I just used the existing conf_local.ini

If you look at step 5, you can use any ini file you want. It looks like you can just use the existing conf_local.ini without any edits. You then type in the below to get a local host running which you can then open in a web browser.

python run.py -c conf_local.ini

Also a useful guide for the whole process is below:

Hope that helps.

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Thanks @jake666 for answering the question!
– Kim

Thank you very much!

I start again with the instructions from Blockcerts/Quickstart.I have just cloned the repo and trying to follow these : " This is the easiest way to show a blockchain certificate. Follow the installation instructions below, then use the blockchain-certificate element pointed at the hosted certificate.

I didn’t understand which commands I should use.Any help to get started finally?

Thank you in advance!

I forgot to mention that ,firstly I tried the step 4 “$ pip install” and it’s showed up “bash: pip: command not found”.Then,trying to “python run.py -c conf_local.ini” I had in my display “python: can’t open file ‘run.py’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory”.

Does anyone know what is wrong?

Thanks again!