[Resolved] Installing cert-verifier

Hi, everyone. I’m a newbie here.
I was following this tutorial…

and I’m stuck while running

pip install .

I even did

pip3 install .

but this was no use too…

I’m a newbie to blockchain… could someone please help me?
(By the way, I have experience with python, java, and (very basic) linux but I have no experience with wallets.)

oh, by the way… self introduction
I am an engineering student in South Korea,
and I have faith in Blockchain that it could give transparency to many fields, especially education
I want to make a blockcert certificate for my university’s internal usage, maybe starting from some small certificates for vacational programs and camps for highschoolers…
BUT I’M STUCK :cry: please help me…

I’m not a Mac user, so I’m afraid I can’t give you too much detailed technical assistance with anything specific to that environment, but I asked someone who is. It sounds like there are occasional issues with scrypt on Mac, which may or may not help you out, but here’s the quick-and-dirty note on the subject: https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-issuer#mac-scrypt-problems

Note that this is for cert-issuer and not cert-verifier, but they are both Python apps with similar requirements. Might help!

I’m a mac user and have had problems before running some of the blockcerts python projects on my local machine. For me, the solution was to run them in a virtual environment.

Try to give that a try, and run pip install . after doing the step: source ./venv/bin/activate

Just did it fresh on my machine and it worked, so it doesn’t appear that there’s any python dependency hell going on, which sometimes happens.

Hi aronning :smile:
Thank you for your help and sorry for late reply - I was busy doing some other stuff
And yesterday, thanks to your help, I fixed the bug!
I activated my virtualenv, used sudo pip, updated xcode command line tools, and these three led to success :laughing: