From where to start?

Hello there.

Can anyone assist me from where I should start ? I don’t know the flow.
Is it from cert-viewer then cert-tools and cert-issuer ? I feel so lost .


Hi Clara.

I might suggest starting from cert-issuer. It’s got a Docker-based quickstart, along with an example certificate (a JSON file) that will take you through an entire issuance process (in Bitcoin regtest mode, so not an actual blockchain issuance). From there, you can tweak the configs to do a testnet issuance, if you like, so it’ll be on an actual blockchain, but won’t be real money. From there, you can go to mainnet when you’re comfortable.

Inside the Docker container, after the signing process, the result is a signed certificate, sitting in another directory. If you can extract this file from the Docker container, you should be able to view and verify it using whichever method you like, including the Blockcerts universal verifier (note that you’ll have to wait for a confirmation before it shows as valid).

If you’d like to use the cert-viewer project directly as-is, you can put the signed certificate into its ‘cert-data’ directory and launch it. It should then show up for you on the web app’s page.

Thank you, @lparker . I’m doing as you suggested. Thank you once again.