Complete flow for receiving Cert url and verifying it

Hi there,

I am a newbie here. I would love to know what is the complete process this below:

  1. What is cert URL?
  2. How to get the cert URL? Is it through email or this system itself?
  3. What is the complete first process till the end of issuing the cert until the employee use the URL to verify it?

Any help and clarification is much appreciated.

Follow this url

All that is indicated by that guide is inside the cert-issuer container, there is an example of how to create a certificate as a test without using bitcoin or ethereum.

But if you want to create real certificates you just have to modify the conf.ini file, replacing the test url by a url with balance (bitcoin or ethereum). My problem is that I don’t know where to buy low-cost virtual coins, so I’m going to invest a maximum of 50 euros, because in most pages to buy bitcoins you are asked to invest a minimum of 200 euros. I have used coinbase to buy bitcoins because it allowed me to buy 40 euros in bitcoin but it only gives me public addresses and I don’t have the private address, both addresses are useful to create certificates.

If you execute these steps you will create certificates:

docker build -t bc/cert-issuer:1.0 .
docker container run --name cert-issuer -v ~/cert-issuer-vol:/cert-issuer -d -t bc/cert-issuer:1.0

#we enter the container
docker container exec -it --user root cert-issuer bash

#we run this command to create the certificates- various.
bash-4.3# cert-issuer -c /etc/cert-issuer/conf.ini

So far you’ve only created certificates in test mode.

If you want to generate valid certificates, you have to modify the ini conf. in this way:

bash-4.3# cat conf.ini
issuing_address = here is the public address

key_file=pk_issuer.txt <-- inside this file goes the private key



ready with this you can create certificates in test mode, or by changing the addresses for ones with balance (bitcoin or ethereum) you can issue real certificates.

I’m at this point because I do not know where to buy bitcoin for a maximum of 40 euros, as I see on the Internet that to buy virtual coins are asked for at least 200 euros and that’s a lot of money for me, to perform some tests. I have used coinbase and his wallet but it does not provide the private key only allows you to buy and sell but everything with public key because they are the ones who make the transfer. If you know a website where you can buy bitcoin for 40 euros and they give you the public and private key, pass me the data.


try buying using, then generate keys using and then transfer tour btc to the generated address