Cert Issuer: Broadcasting error

I am trying to issue certificate on bitcoin testnet. I have created cert template based on https://github.com/blockchain-certificates/cert-tools.

When i try to run “cert-issuer -c conf.ini” these warning are shown after some hex values:

WARNING - Caught exception trying provider <bound method BlockrIOBroadcaster.broadcast_tx of <cert_issuer.blockchain_handlers.bitcoin.connectors.BlockrIOBroadcaster object at 0x7fea30293cc0>>. Trying another. Exception=Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
ERROR - Error broadcasting the transaction through the BlockExplorer API. Error msg: Missing inputs. Code:-25
WARNING - Caught exception trying provider <bound method BlockExplorerBroadcaster.broadcast_tx of <cert_issuer.blockchain_handlers.bitcoin.connectors.BlockExplorerBroadcaster object at 0x7fea3029d470>>. Trying another. Exception=Missing inputs. Code:-25

It seems like I am missing an input for the API but I am not sure which input and how do I include it. Any suggestion on how to solve this error?

The cert-issuer takes advantage of third-party blockchain explorers in the event that you’re not running a local node. Sometimes, these connections can be flakey, or return errors for reasons other than the integrity of your certificate payload. This will cause it to go into a loop where it retries submission until it lands on something that works (or gives up altogether).

What you’re seeing there looks to me like maybe those services were bugging out on you. Did cert-issuer go into a retry loop? Did one of the services finally pick up and give you a good result?

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Yes, it went into a loop, but nothing good. I have reinstalled the file from beginning and now its working already. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: