Blockcerts foundation?


I feel a very high number of “beginners” or non-technical persons are very interested and ask candide questions. It’s a very good indicator on the interest.

But I feel too that they could be addressed better.

Are there any talks about a Blockcerts foundation which would promote the standard ?

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Yes, while Blockcerts is a vibrant community and open source code base, it has evolved to the point where an independent and funded foundation is the desirable next step, not only to accelerate development and engage the community, but also to have a legal entity that can defend its name and act on it’s own behalf.

Several of us are spearheading an effort to raise funds for this exact purpose. This primarily involves creating a document that includes quotes from interested parties and example projects that demonstrate how broadly Blockcerts is being used. If you’re interested in helping this effort by providing a quote or logo, I would love to followup with you.

For others who would like to aid the effort, please share your future or completed project here on the forum, categorized under “Examples.” Alternatively, completing a survey here will help consolidate statements that will be useful for fundraising.


Hi Chris,

Many thanks for your answer and very sorry for replying so late. I’ve just forwarded this topic to Thierry, we’ll let you know.