Blockcert Complete Project Step by Step

I am testing blockcerts and trying to make a test project for verifying certificates on bitcoin blockchain.

So far I have cloned certs-schema repository and found templates of JSON. Now I have installed Docker and stuck what to do.

I didn’t find step by step tutorial for developing a complete project. Can anyone give me a step by step guide.


Hello and welcome to the Blockcerts community! Check out these instructions and let us know if you have any questions:


Hi Kim ,

I have my test project setup and is running . Request you to please clarify on below point.

-> We never used cert-schema in this process ( ), i have read your article about cert-schema V2 also . So in future we will use cert-schema for verification process only . While Cert-tools will be used for template generation. Is my understanding correct ?


That’s correct, cert-schema is only needed by template creators for validating their templates, and cert-tools is used for generating templates.

cert-tools validates against cert-schema before writing the files, so you don’t have to run it separately.

Dear Kim,
Really appreciate your prompt response. I am trying to go ahead with ethereum blockchains for cetificates. I am finding difficulty in understanding the API Call. If you can help me in understanding the Cert-issuer module.

I’m not part of the blockcert team and I just had a quick look at the cert-issuer module. When you call cert-issuer it’ll run and you can trace the chain of the function run from there. The console command options are mostly (if not all) stored in Parts that need ‘Bitcoin’ usually have an import bitcoin or from bitcoin import * on top and these are generally the files you need to add support for Ethereum.

The current implementation is quite tied to Bitcoin so I think if we want to add support for Ethereum (and make it easier for other blockchains) we might need to abstract out some components. I hope that helps a bit :slight_smile: I’m sure Kim will have better answer when she has the time to reply. All the best!

Tasya is correct, and I realized also that the repo is currently missing some API documentation, which would be useful for consuming cert-issuer as a library (instead of a standalone script). I created an issue for that, and I’ll try to get around to that this week.

Hi folks,
Sorry for the late follow-up! I updated the main README in cert-issuer with a clearer description of the class design.


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Can you help me to build my 1st ever blockchain application and I’m new to development environment.

To start with, I’m planning to follow cert-web-component/ to build it.

I’ve a query on the following step:
Add the element and specify the href attribute to the certificate you need to render.
blockchain-certificate href="./path/to/your/certificate.json"></blockchain-certificate

My query is whether we need to create certificate.json file?

Hi @Parameswaran,
There are a few example certificates in cert-web-component, but I’m wondering what you would like to do first. We generally recommend starting with cert-issuer, which has a quick start allowing you to issue a certificate on the blockchain.

I realize we need better general “getting started” instructions; the best we have now is this quick start. If anyone in the community would like to help with improving these instructions, I’d be eternally grateful. :slight_smile:


Hi @kim,

Appreciate your efforts in helping the community understand this process better. But it would be really helpful if someone could come up with a video tutorial on the complete setup. As, being a windows user, I’ve been sitting with the cert-issuer whole day and still not able to find the solution.

Thank you.

Hi , I am not able to get anything regarding the setting up. I am trying to setup the app on my local system which is running Windows 8. Some brief instructions on how to do that please.

Check out my tutorial for blockchain on Grails with whole setup and files for download. There is instructions for Windows setup as well (using chocolatey).

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hello @kim
i am interested in the certs-issue so i want go in deeps more in this issue , but i have an question can i develop this Blockchain network to verify the certificates using corda platform or Hyperledger platform?
if yes can you help me how can i start?
thanks in advance.

I am still looking for a simple step by step guide, this one on github looks a bit messy for beginners.
For example. What should I set up first, bitcoin test net, viewer , issuer, verifier etc.
Also do I need bitcoin node running locally on machine?

Could someone guide me on this one thanks.


How about cert-issuer as a Library, is it still in the pipeline?

Hi @kim can you help me with the following issue:

Waiting for your kind response!

Hi @arycloud

Befor we start : For “safety” ! it’s recommended to run these sites OFFLINE by downloading them and running them locally :

You have the xPrivKey and the mnemonic… Both of them can be used on with a derivation path listed in the Json you decrypted then click on the BIP44 tab to generate a list of your addresses/private keys .Or, you can simply restore the seed mnemonic into any BIP44 compatible wallet :slight_smile:

steps :

  1. Put your mnemonic in (OFFLINE)
  2. choose Coin type (ex : BTCtestnet)
  3. choose Derivation Path BIP44
  4. edit to match your rootPath (rootPath listed in the json file ex : m/44’/1’/0’)
  5. Et voila your Derived Addresses are bellow search for the exact one you interested in , and use the Private Key with the issuer :1st_place_medal:

Hope the process is clear .