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Hi Folks,
Blockcerts is an interesting tools and we are using it for this project is only beta version and we are only testing, but please any feedback is very welcome.

Only create new account, login, and enjoy. (remember is beta versión thus maybe have errors)


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This projects is using :

Backend : Python3 --> Django 2.0
Front-end : HTML5 - CSS3 - jQuery
and for certificates --> Blockcert’s Tools - ethereum network.

The idea is, you can upload any file(audio, image, doc, etc) and this project get other info, and make certificates json(dinamically with blockcerts) and with this info, stamp into the blockchain.

After we can print PDF file certificates for this file(previously uploaded) and proof authenticity.


Great work…
How are you generating certificates… using shell commands or directly calling cert-issuer functions?

Great Work…
For hosting this project what did you use?
and for verification how you did it ?

any documentations you followed ?

directly calling cert-issuers functions from Django->
I have modified slightly the native functions of cert-issuers.

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for hosting, I used virtual machine instances from google cloud servers,
for verification and documentations only I used this guide

…In the virtual machine I use, Debian, nginx, python 3, Django

Hi Angelus, here Angel from Spain. Currently I’ve got a very little website of free online courses ( When an student ends a course and completes an exam, I provide him with a pdf certificate.

Would I be able to use your project to upload the pdf certificate as an issuer, and register it in the blockchain?

P.S. Here is my contact:

Hi there !

This is another beta test

Please comments are welcome.

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Hi Angelus.
I have tried your beta test. Why I am unable to click on those menu?
Are there any limitation for the user?


If I want to access into the menu, are there any ways for it?