Android Trust Anchor

during import of the json in the android wallet we get an error about the CA but unfortunately we didn’t find exactly which certificate is complaining about. Our certificate is made with Letsencrypt and we imported the CA into user CA of the device.

Any hint?

Hi @crivelli,
Can you send an example url that it’s trying to import?

Hi Kim,
we found the error was due to a broken chain in apache that we fixed this morning, now we have another error in the cert-viewer log:
TypeError: insert_introduction() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘introduction’

the url we are using into the app is:

thanks for your help

Hi @kim, to complete the picture we are not using mondodb we use normal filesystem

Hi Dario,
Just confirming – is this in the android app or python cert-viewer (guessing the latter based on the name). Can you send more of the stack trace?