Add Blockcert to LinkedIn

How would one upload a blockcert to LinkedIn, to appear on the Profile page?

I tried uploading the json blockcert (e.g., 3553523.json) to my LinkedIn profile, but it stalls. I also tried first uploading a blockcert to Mozilla Backpack (to create an http link for the badge, which I’d then try to add to LinkedIn), but the backpack doesn’t seem to accept .json files.

Do I first need to ‘bake’ the file into an image? Any pointers would be much appreciated.

I’m happy to help write a guide to adding Blockcerts to LinkedIn profiles, which I’d have thought would be one of the more popular uses of a Blockcert/OpenBadge.


I think the most common way would be to just add a “certifications” section to your profile, fill out their required form, and then paste the link. All of this can easily be done through a web browser. See below:


From the mobile app, LinkedIn only provides a way to paste the link to a post or private message. A native integration would improve that.

I’m not sure if LinkedIn supports file uploads for this type of profile section? Again, a native integration here would be very cool, to verify the Blockcert directly in place!

Thanks Chris,

Now that you point out the certifications section, it of course seems perfectly obvious - thank you!

A related question then: to serve my certificate from a URL, the most obvious place would seem Badgr or Mozilla Backpack. How can I upload my blockcert to either one? With either, when I try to paste the json, and then submit, it hangs. So, for example, with the Badgr upload:

Is it expecting a different format?

The json I’m trying to paste does validate with your verifier:


First, Badges and Blockcerts are not the same thing. A badge uses an image file (PNG/SVG) as the final display output, with the JSON hosted/verified elsewhere. A Blockcert is a JSON file that is completely self-enclosed, and which generates a presentation layer. The vendor wallets you mentioned are probably only accepting a particular image format. You should hit them up and ask them to start accepting Blockcerts!


Ah, I misunderstood. I thought Blockcerts were effectively OpenBadges whose verification was provided by the blockchained hash. And the vendor backpacks do at least seem to take json (but maybe not OpenBadge json) as an upload format, as in the screenshot I gave.

Maybe this is where the ‘baking’ that Kim describes comes into play: Blockcerts and Open Badges v2.