Blockcerts and Open Badges v2

Some updates on Open Badges v2 as it relates to Blockcerts:

Open Badges Validator 2.0 BETA

Open Badges has a beta verifier for Open Badges v2. It’s a great tool to get a preview of your OB v2 compliance. IMS Global Open Badges Validator 2.0 BETA . Blockcerts v2 is compliant with this checker.

Badge Baking and Blockcerts

The IMS OB working group is considering requiring issuers to bake their Open Badges. This would be done for portability and for use with badge backpacks.

I added a prototype obi-baking tool for baking Blockcerts, based on the Open Badge baking requirements. This contains samples and a tool that can bake a Blockcert and extract the metadata from a baked Blockcert. For example:


node index.js -b -i cert-image.png -o baked-blockcert.png -B sample-blockcert.json 


node index.js -x -o baked-blockcert.png 


node index.js --help 

More about the Blockcerts OBI baking tool

This implementation embeds the entire assertion with signature into a specified png file. Feel free to experiment with this.

Note that the OB Validator will work on the baked image file or the assertion. So for example, you can confirm that the samples in obi-baking tool are valid by either:

  • uploading the baked-blockcert.png file, or
  • pasting the contents of sample-blockcert.json

Thank you very much!

I’ve just tested it on a IBM Open Badge received by my friend

edit - the system copy my image and cleanup metadata original here

If I do all right the baked Badge is this

and refer to the following evidence



Hi Kim:

Sorry for my ignorance and I can’t really test - is this just the assertion file, or also the badge class and the issuer?
The example below seems to indicate that it’s just the assertion, a bit like a signed the signed assertion here:



Dear @kim,

URL for "IMS Global Open Badges Validator 2.0 beta " is no longer functional.

I tried below link using sample certificates included in cert viewer and it is giving validation errors.


Also when I am trying to upload backed-blockcert.png generated using sample to backpack I am getting beloow error


I’m trying to better understand what BlockCerts does/doesn’t do. Does it currently bake your badge for you? Or No?

I’m wondering how much I need to use something like Badgr in conjunction with Blockcerts to ultimately have an open badge referenced from the blockchain.