Blockcerts adoption in Italy -

Hi there,
I’m Matteo Bertazzo, product owner of the Bestr Open Badge Platform (*).

We currently support a number of organizations in Italy issuing Open Badges among different use cases (750+ open badge classes published, 90+ organizations, 72% of issued badges issed by Universities, 85K issued badges).

I’m happy to share with you we’re going to adopt Blockcerts in the next Bestr release: by January 2019 the platform will issue Blockcerts certificates for specific use cases.
The first one will be on “degree certificates”.
Bestr already issue “degree badges” for some Universities and the issuing process has been automated collecting and evaluating xAPI statements coming from the Student Information System of the Universities - some example are and

In the upcoming main release of our platform students can request Blockcerts for their degree: we’re going to exploit the Wallet app - alternatively a web form to get the pubkey - in order to preserve the students ownership of the certificates and we’re going to write hashing blocks to Ethereum.
We’re going to realize a “multi-issuer open badge & blockcerts platform”, every issuer will use its own walllet to write blocks transactions and the endppoints of the issuers’ profiles and revocantion lists wil be hosted in their own domains.

I look forward to start issuing Blockcerts and join other organizzations using those open specs.

All the best,

(*), Bestr is an Open Badges Platform by Cineca (, the Italian consortium made up by 70 Italian universities and 8 Research Institutions