Are V2 Blockcert Assertions Valid Open Badges

From my testing it looks like the open badges specification doesn’t align with the V2 assertion because the badge ID is always set to urn:uuid:example. The open badge validator always rejects my assertions because it doesn’t recognize the badge id as a valid IRI?

Could you share your issuer profile?

I’m pretty sure the issuer is valid because my credentials have been verifying via the Blockcerts verifier.

Edit: Just noticed that the email on my hosted issuer profile is different than the one inside my BadgeClass, could that be causing the issue?

Getting closer, There are 4 native extensions used to create the certs which are recipientProfile, signature, signatureLines and verification. When I use an open source Open Badges validator they all return errors. I think they all need a @context included as well? Here is what the validator outputs, also it doesn’t seem to like the publicKey attribute of the issuer profile, specifically because the ecdsa-koblitz-pubkey isn’t a valid IRI.

 "messages": [
            "name": "VALIDATE_EXTENSION_NODE",
            "messageLevel": "ERROR",
            "result": "Could not determine extension type to test",
            "success": false

Edit: Ok I’m starting to understand this a bit better. I see that the blockcerts context that is linked into credentials includes the obi validation for the native extensions. If I included additional global values and per recipient values then do I need to build obi validation via extensions?

More progress, any help is appreciated!

I have forked the openbadges validator to get down to the bottom if this issue.

one of the node_types that is being parsed through the blockcerts v2 context is “

If I hardcode it to be RecipientProfile instead, I don’t receive any obi:extension errors. Due to this error the openbadges validator cannot determine what type to test for each of the Blockcerts extensions.