Why the issuer says the cost is 133500 satoshis rather than 60000

I have deployed my own bitcoind, and I’m able to issue and verify certificates successfully on testnet.

However, when issuing the certificates I see the log says the total cost is 133500 satoshis ,why not 60000 satoshis?

INFO - Set cost constants to recommended_tx_fee=0.000600,min_per_output=0.000028,satoshi_per_byte=250
INFO - Processing 3 certificates
INFO - Processing 3 certificates under work path=/etc/cert-issuer/work
INFO - Total cost will be 133500 satoshis

BTW, according to the testnet browser (https://live.blockcypher.com/btc-testnet/tx/52aeca7d630908139cabbdfeebd31e196e5be0d5b7523f3910e70497c082867d/), I see the actually tx fee is 60000 satoshis. Is the log wrong? Or did I miss anything which may be charged as a cost?