Conifg how much BTC it costs to Issue certificates


Hi! Everyone!
Im trying to lower how much BTC I use in the cert issuing proces.
Does anyone have any direction?
In Github
It only says
“For Bitcoin:
The default transaction fee used by cert-issuer is 60,000 satoshis for bitcoin (~$2.88 USD, 10/11/2017)
Because the transaction fee is a factor in confirmation time, you may decide to increase or decrease this value in the config file (read more about current transaction fee/latency estimates:”
And I couldnt even find that spec in the conf file.
Thanks in advance to everyone


I think the fees are hard-coded for the moment, rather than broken out into a config file. Check out the BitcoinTransactionCostConstants class inside of blockchain_handlers/bitcoin/ and you’ll see where these appear to get set. I haven’t looked through the logic thoroughly enough to tell you offhand what the exact interplay is between recommended_tx_fee and satoshis_per_byte, but I think that interplay contains what you’re after.


Great! I fount it, thanks a lot! I will look into it :slight_smile: and will report back my findings.