Why is there display_html field? mobil app display <h1>Some html code.</h1> not certificate


I added certificate onto mobile app.

but the app displayed

Some html code

not the certificate infomation.

Why is there an additional field and the certificate isn’t displayed on mobile screen?


Right now, the way we verify displays and to make sure that the end user is seeing the certificate exactly how it was designed, is by using display_html. So if you only have some html code in your display_html field, that’s what will be displayed.


so if I want the user to see the certificate, I need to hardcode all necessary html code into the displayHtml field?

It doesn’t make sense.

display_html field is predefined in conf.ini file in cert-tools, which generates a template to instantiate a batch.
So I cannot just hardcode a recipient’s name in the field, because that will make all certificates issued in a batch display the same name.

The certificate displayed on mobile app should be auto generated.

Do you know if there is an interface in mobile app to do that? I’m not familiar with IOS development.



Hi did you solve it? I’m trying to generate certificates and modify displayHTML to add the receipents name, but is not working. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Sorry for bringing up the old POST, but I have the same question here. Anybody knows the solution?

same problem here, anyone?