displayHTML- "some html code":SOLVED

I managed to create and issue certs, now how do I fix this, I need to render the Cert details but it seems displayHTMl not working or i do not understand

I managed to fix this I had to comment this section on conf.ini file.

# additional_global_fields = {"fields": [{"path": "$.certificate.subtitle","value": "kim custom subtitle"}]}

# additional_global_fields = {"fields": [{"path": "$.displayHtml","value": "<h1>Some html code</h1>"}, {"path": "$.@context","value": ["https://w3id.org/openbadges/v2", "https://w3id.org/blockcerts/v2", {"displayHtml": { "@id": "schema:description" }}]}]}![Screenshot from 2020-03-08 11-27-05|690x431](upload://3guffq8hWser0h9szNKxqYDfbpY.png)

school project going well so far

A query where you bought bitcoin or what currency you used, I just want to know that, because I already know how to create a certificate, but without virtual currencies you can’t. I bought bitcoin using coinbase.com and your wallet, but I only get public keys and if I don’t have the private key then I can’t create certificates. You can help me by telling me which virtual currency you used and where you bought it so I can have both a public and a private key.


Hi @magzupao you can generate bitcoins keys using this link http://certificates-bootcamp.mit.edu/bitcoinkeys , and the download you bitcoin wallet from https://www.blockchain.com/ upload the keys and view your wallet. Then transfer your Coins to the new address.