Can't issue certificates containing displayHtml


I can’t issue certificates that contains the displayHtml attribute.
I get this error when trying to sign a certificate containing this field:

WARNING - Caught exception trying provider <bound method BlockrIOBroadcaster.broadcast_tx of <cert_issuer.bitcoin.connectors.BlockrIOBroadcaster object at 0x7fbecc918e80>>. Trying another. Exception=Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

I opened an issue here:

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I didn’t fix this warning, but at least I manage to make it work and generate a valid certificate, by adding displayHtml to @context, cf this PR:

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Hi did you manage to add the receipent’s name to each generated certificate? I’m trying to add the Name embeded into the HTML code but is not working. Any thoughs?