Verifiable credentials

W3C verifiable credentials are available :
Is blockcert compliant?
If yes, is the blockcert verifier able to verify credentials that has been issued through this standard?
If no, is there any other verifier available on the web ? And does blockcerts will complie to this standard? when? And what will happen to “old” blockcert certificates issued in the past ?

Hi Viky,

Blockcerts, launched in 2016, predated this W3C data standard. Now that the W3C 1.0 specification has just been released in November 2019, work has started to bring Blockcerts into alignment with that standard. So, Blockcerts will become a reference implementation during the first half of 2020. This will include an updated Blockcerts Verifier, which aims to have backwards compatibility as well.

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Thanks Chris, I better understand now. Have you a more precise idea of the date of the “W3C compliant” version?
Also, to your knowledge, are there already any compliant verifier available?